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Interview with Bo Andersson, President of AvtoVAZ at Russian Automotive Forum 2015

Published on 5 May 2015 by Editorial  

While the Russian automotive sector is forced to wait out the current economic downturn, manufacturers like AvtoVAZ - the country's largest car producer, have all the more reason to carefully plan and build on a strategy to guide the company on road to recovery.


Behind the scenes at the recent 18th Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow, we caught up with Bo Andersson - President of AvtoVAZ, who spoke to us about how the company assesses its commercial prospects in 2015, and how the Tolyatti-based manufacturer anticipates the return of growth for its business and the sector as a whole.


In the interview, Mr. Andersson mentioned the company's plans to launch Lada Vesta and Lada X-Ray, and commented that, historically, the Russian car market has shown a tendency to return to the point of stability much faster, following a period of decline. "The realistic scenario is that we will have two years of no growth, and it (growth) will come back very fast as it always does", Mr. Andersson said.