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AvtoVAZ to launch LADA Vesta sales tonight

Published on 24 November 2015 by Editorial  

Lada Vesta


Russia’s biggest car manufacturer AvtoVAZ will tonight launch sales of its new sedan LADA Vesta!


LADA Vesta was created on a completely new LADA B/C platform and developed by AvtoVAZ engineers with the involvement of Renault-Nissan Alliance specialists. It is produced at LADA Izhevsk, which has one of the world’s best paint, body and trim-and-chassis shops.A significant proportion of LADA Vesta components are produced in Togliatti: engines, transmissions, chassis components, large and medium stamping parts, including faceplates.  


The new model is planned as a revival of the Lada brand and a promise of its successful future.   The President of AvtoVAZ, Bo Andersson, has just confirmed he will be speaking at our 19th annual Russian Automotive Forum, taking place on 15-17 March 2016 in Moscow, where he will be able to share the first results of the sales campaign which starts today.

While the Russian automotive sector is forced to wait out the current economic downturn, manufacturers like AvtoVAZ - the country's largest car producer, have all the more reason to carefully plan and build on a strategy that will guide the company on road to recovery.

Behind the scenes at the recent 18th Russian Automotive Forum in Moscow, we caught up with Bo Andersson - President of AvtoVAZ, who spoke to us about how the company assesses its commercial prospects in 2015, and how the Tolyatti-based manufacturer anticipates the return of growth for its business and sector as a whole.