Russian Automotive Forum

The premier international gathering for the Russian automotive industry

13 - 14 March 2018

Radisson Royal Hotel, Moscow, Russia

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Now in its 20th year, the Russian Automotive Forum is the meeting place for the automotive industry in Russia, attracting in the region of 300 senior level participants each year.

This high profile gathering brings together top executives from the leading
international and Russian OEMs, component suppliers, government officials and industry experts, providing an outstanding opportunity to network with all of your clients and future business partners within the space of three days.



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LLC “Coskunoz Alabuga”

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AutoForm Engineering

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AUTOSTAT analytic agency

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The founder of "Coskunoz Alabuga" is one of the leaders of the Turkish automotive industry of JSC "Coskunoz Holding", which have automotive experience more than 60 years. The group consists of 14 companies that manufacture automotive parts, radiators, products for the aviation industry, and for renewable energy field.

Currently, "Coskunoz Alabuga" in Tatarstan produces large, external and internal stamped body parts for OEM’s located in Russia and abroad. The factory is equipped with full automatic press lines.

Coskunoz Alabuga launched together with JSC "MMK" a new plant in Tatarstan for blanking and cut to length operation which will start serial production in beginning of 2018. This plant will be focused mainly on blanking operation for skin panels for the automotive industry.

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AutoForm Engineering is a global software company that develops and markets high-end software for die engineering and simulation to the automotive industry. AutoForm software has been successfully used by all of the Top 20 global automotive OEMs and hundreds of suppliers of stamping parts and tooling equipment. The software is being used for die engineering and sheet metal forming simulation, to carry out feasibility studies, generate tooling concepts and optimize processes. AutoForm has been honored with several international awards in recognition of the company’s innovative strengths.

Based in Switzerland and with more than 300 employees worldwide, AutoForm is growing internationally, with subsidiaries in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, Brazil, India, China, Japan and Korea.

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Live data and actual information on the situation in the automotive market, your competitors, your customers, as well as position of your company among others are essential for your daily decision-making processes. This information enables you to define your development strategy and decide how to push up sales and provide solid growth of your business.    


AUTOSTAT analytic agency has been assisting top managers and key specialists of over 2,000 companies in Russia and abroad in these processes for more than 10 years. We are the leading analytic agency in the Russian automotive business statistics and analytics and provide complete and actual information on it. 

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The Association of European Businesses represents the interests of European companies in Russia by:

Identifying the principal business and legislative issues through the AEB committees and working groups;
Addressing the issues raised by AEB members, both to the relevant European Union authorities and to Russia’s business and political leaders;
Existing as an independent organization, whose position is recognized at the highest levels within the European and Russian authorities.

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